This Dog Plays The Piano!


I was totally amazed by this reported story about this dog that plays the piano. I know that there are a lot of talented dogs in the world, but playing a piano is a first for me. The story starts off:

Some dogs can be talented… I mean really really talented! So talented that you’ll have a hard time believing the amazing things they can do. Well, this dog in pretty amazing!

Right now he is  winning hearts all over the Internet! He’s trying to play a piano and sing at the same time…

The story continues :

Isn’t he simply adorable! He’s trying to play the piano with his paws and taking a gap once every while to howl! That is how he sings… and it’s so cute!

I guess he observed how his human plays the piano and tried to replicate the action… but with proper piano lessons, he could really turn out to be a superstar!

You can watch the video of this amazing singing dog here:

You can read the full story by clicking this link:


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