What Do I Do To Get My Dog To Stop Jumping Up On Guests?

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I just found an interesting post on the internet. It is very important, as it relates to a problem that my family experiences with our dog, and I am sure it is a common problem, that many people would like the answer to. The story goes like this:

What is going to be our end goal? Not jumping (obviously), but how will we get Archer to not do it? With the help of our instructor we decided when company comes over our goal is to have him “go to his mat” (a down-stay on a predetermined dog bed, blanket, towel, or mat) till we say it’s okay for him to get up and calmly greet everyone.

So what do we do to help cure Archer of his Jack Russell tendencies?

He then goes on to explain all that has to be done to stop this unwanted behaviour and also why the things we may have been doing until now do not work. The value in this article continues, then ends as follows:

All right…so it’s time to start implementing everything! Archer is currently working on the beginning stages of distractions with the help of Linus, Stetson and Raven. Dog distractions are his Achilles heel because of his strong urge to play, so this is his hardest test.

Hopefully in the coming weeks or months we will be able to report on Archer’s progress. I’m crossing my fingers we’ll be talking about how he goes to his mat when company comes over and doesn’t jump on us or our guests. Until then…we keep practicing.

Read the full story by going to http://puppyintraining.com


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