Why You Should Start Reading Pet Food Labels


I recently found a very important article in my travels around the net and feel that it is so important, that I have to share it with you. It starts off like this:

If you have ever been tempted to base the diet of your four-legged canine friends on their preferences or, god forbid, those irresistible puppy eyes, you will be doomed. Especially when they’re hungry, but even when they’re not, they’ll eat anything, or at least they’ll try to! All the way from your goat-milk soap, a decade-old rug to the wonderful chocolate-chip cookies you’ve baked for yourself, as amazing as dogs are, they will eat anything on their way.

The post then talks about the very important information that is vital for you to know about, when choosing which foods you should give to your dog. She finishes off by by providing some information on feeding instruction and needs, thus:

It’s important to remember that even experts can be slightly off when it comes to the portions you need to feed your pet friends. There’s always a rough estimation on the package to go by, but every single animal is different, so bear that in mind and adapt the portions according to your pet’s age, health condition and stage of development.

Some brands are more specific than others, designed for an active puppy or a lazy-butt kitten, but no matter the choice, it could also be wise to talk to your vet to make sure you’re doing everything right. Also, there are some great websites like Vetchat or Vet LIVE where you can ask for advice 24/7, so whenever I have some quandaries, this is where I get the fastest and most reliable information.

You can find the full story at: http://www.petbloglady.com


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